At your fingertips.

iCam is a professionally installed
camera system that allows you to
securely monitor the camera feed
from your smartphone, tablet, or any
computer with internet access.

View camera footage from
your smartphone.

Protect your family.

Protect your family and home using video
surveillance. Peace of mind comes from
knowing there are cameras strategically
placed inside and outside your home.
And when you're on-the-go, keep an eye
on your home with remote video
using any web-enabled computer,
smart phone, or iPad.

Password protection.

Password protected viewing of the camera
feed. Access the footage anytime from
anywhere on any computer with internet
access. iCam records and stores all camera
footage. Get video alerts instantly sent to
you via text or email.

Protect your business.

We individually evaluate your business
needs as well as your building before
recommending the right camera
products and services. We understand the
need for surveillance, and that’s
why we evaluate each business on an
individual basis.


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